Watsu and Healing Dance for Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Impact of aquatic therapy on quality of life in young girl with CP

Stephanie Dutton, founder of ATSSI (Aquatic Therapy and Specialised Swim Instruction) and the creator of The Mind/Body Awareness Programme, has been working in water with a 9-year old girl with cerebral palsy, left-side hemiplegia, for the last 12-months.

Stephanie tell us that this extraordinary young girl is full of energy, and absolutely loves the water.
She had little movement in her left arm, and was reluctant to move it at first. After several sessions of Watsu® and Healing Dance®, she started to relax her arm, and with encouragement from Stephanie, her arm started to move away from her body and lengthen.

Being in warm-water, helps her body to relax, and helps Stephanie to stretch and move her in ways that cannot be done on land. After approximately 9-months of aquatic therapy, Stephanie start concentrating on her swimming strokes.

Stephanie said that it is quite extraordinary! For the first time in her life she is consciously moving her left shoulder and her swimming is improving as she is now moving her upper-arm. The young girl says “I’ve never moved my arm before and it feels kinda weird, but I like it!”

On Video: the young girl during aquatic therapy session with Stephanie and testimonial by her mother.


About Stephanie Dutton

Stephanie Dutton

A highly experienced swimming instructor and aquatic therapist. She practices a holistic approach, and brings an exceptional insight and creativity into aquatic movement and swimming. She specialises in fear of water, disabilities, sporting injuries, and meditative swimming for adults and children using her unique Mind/Body Awareness Programme. Stephanie has combined and beneficially interwoven the four disciplines that she practices; Shaw Method, Watsu, Healing Dance and Ai Chi into a unique teaching protocol, called The Mind/Body Awareness Programme.

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