Turbulence in Water

Strengthen Your Core, Improve Your Posture, and Relax…with a Little Turbulence

While the word “turbulence” may not bring to mind images of relaxation, that is exactly the effect that this property of water has on your muscles.

Currents and eddies in the water massage and stimulate your skin, promoting circulation and relaxation.

Turbulence also enhances the effects of exercise in the following ways:

  • It contributes to the resistance you experience in aquatic exercise.
  • Turbulence creates an unstable environment, encouraging the core muscles of the body to become stronger to maintain correct position and posture.
  • Turbulence can be manipulated to make an exercise easier or harder.
  • Exercises can be designed to work with or against turbulence, thereby increasing or decreasing intensity.
So enjoy some turbulence with your hydrotherapy…it’s good for you.