Thermal Conductivity – Thermodynamics

Getting into Warm Water can Have Several Benefits for Your Body

Aquatic therapy takes place when water temperature is 34.4ºC / 94F. The thermal properties of water assist healing. Your body’s reaction to warm water causes the nerves at the surface of the skin to carry impulses deep into the body.

This reaction has been found to lessen pain sensitivity, stimulate the immune system, aid lymphatic drainage, and increase blood circulation. It is also likely to leave you both physically and mentally relaxed.

Some of the benefits you may experience:

  •  Water conducts heat approximately 25 times faster than air.
  •  The water ‘wicks’ away excess body heat during activity, creating a cool, comfortable workout environment.
  •  Blood that would be shunted to the skin for cooling is available to deliver oxygen and remove waste products from the working muscles.
  •  The heart does not have to work at keeping the body cool, instead it works to enable the workout to continue.
  •  There is a reduction in muscle tone.

Studies have proven that with water activities there is significant increase in muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory conditioning, and decreased body fat.