Thalassotherapy Treatments

Immersions in Thermal Sea or Spring Water



Applying massage techniques to the human body (thermally, mechanically, or chemically) through the water: underwater massage jets, jet pools, showers, Jacuzzi, underwater manual massage, jet massage in the air, high-pressure water massage benefits:

  • creates awareness of the body.
  • reduces anxiety levels.
  • gives a sense of well-being.
  • improves the ability to monitor stress signals.
  • gives a feeling of peace of mind.
  • helps treat tension related headaches.
  • helps treat post-operative rehabilitation.
  • relax muscles.
  • increase blood circulation.
  • relieve muscular pain and tension.



Immersing in seawater or thermal spring water at a ‘medical’ temperature 34 to 37°C. potential Benefits:

  • helps blood circulation.
  • relieves or cures cramps.
  • warms the muscles and relieves aches.



Seaweed Bath

  • Seawater is enriched with crushed seaweed, which infuses the body with oligo-elements.

Seaweed Mud Immersion

  • Immersion and immobilization of hands in warm seaweed mud. Offers relief from aching muscles and joints, and increases the suppleness of the skin.

Seaweed Wrap

  • Involves wrapping the body in a combination of seaweed and herb-soaked cloths while resting on top of a thermal blanket.

Mud Wrap

  • Marine mud or algae paste



Sea Salts

  • inhalation of sea fog and sea salts.
  • food or food supplement.


  • Seawater is ionized with negative ions and is inhaled or sprayed. Used to heal the upper respiratory tract.