A pilot study: Jahara Technique Program for Fibromyalgia

This study was aim to determine the effect of a Jahara program on pain and quality of life in women with Fibromyalgia

By Jahara Technique Advanced specialists: Dagan Arad, Efrat Porat, Noga Ben-Anat, Osnat Douer, Timor Horvitz, Tova Rozen. Academic & Research Consulting: Dr. Yeshauaho Hutzler. Support: Prof. Buskila, Dr. Abli, Mario Jahara, Israel

A group of six Jahara Technique Advanced specialists and teachers carried out a pilot study to determine the effect of a Jahara Technique program on pain and quality of life in women with Fibromyalgia.

For this study, thirteen women were assigned a 6 week intervention program that included seated immersion, group ActivExercises and individual floating therapy sessions.

Participants completed the SF36 quality of life questionnaire before and after the interventions.

In the end, a detailed analysis indicated the following results:

  • Significant level of pain reduction
  • Significant improvement of the general health conditions
  • Significant impairment of vitality and mental health

The conclusion of the study was that a systematic Jahara Technique program as an intervention for women with Fibromyalgia will improve their physical condition and physical functioning.

An expanded research based on this study is currently being developed.

References: JAHARA® JOURNAL, 10th Anniversary Edition, page 8