Recommended Protein for Blood Type B

One of the most difficult adjustments type B’s must make is giving up chicken.

blood-type-o-lamb-shopsChicken contains an agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue that can attack the type B bloodstream and potentially lead to strokes and immune disorders. Anyone accustomed to eating more poultry than red meat can eat other poultry or game, such as turkey or pheasant. Although similar to chicken, neither contains the dangerous lectin. People have been told to eat chicken instead of beef because it is “healthier,” but here is another case where one dietary guideline does not fit all.

There appears to be a direct connection between stress, autoimmune disorders, and red meat in the type B system because type B ancestors adapted better to other meats. Any type B who is fatigued or suffers from immune deficiencies should eat lamb, mutton, or rabbit, in preference to beef or turkey.


Protein Intake

  • Meat: men 115-175g / 4-6 oz. X 2-4 servings weekly
  • Meat: women/children 60-140g / 2-5 oz. X 2-4 servings weekly
  • Poultry: men 115-175g / 4-6 oz. X 0-3 servings weekly
  • Poultry: women/children 60-140g / 0-3 oz. X 0-4 servings weekly