Recommended Legumes for Blood Type B

Legumes are a healthy substitute for animal protein.

greenpeasBeans, peas, and lentils are among the most versatile and nutritious foods available. They are typically low-fat, and high in fiber, folate, potassium, iron, and magnesium, contain beneficial fats, and soluble and insoluble fiber.

Type B’s can eat some beans, but lentils, chickpeas, pinto beans, and black-eyed peas, contain lectins that interfere with insulin production.

Legumes Intake

  • 1 cup (dry) X 2-5 servings weekly
  • 60-90 g / 2-3 oz. (dry beans and pulses) X 2-5 servings weekly
Source: Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Eat Right For Your Type