What is the Jahara Technique?

The Gentle Power of Water

Aquatic Therapy Technique, Developed by Mario Jahara in 1995

Jahara Technique ® combines:

  • Body awareness
  • Healthy body mechanics
  • The gentle power of water

It consists of micro-adjustments of the structural alignment of the body.

These adjustments are done through the ActivExercises™ and Aligned Floating™ while floating and utilizing a number of slow, continuous circular movements.

With ears below the water and closed eyes, you enter a different world, free of gravity, with no borders between body and the water that supports it, where fragmented perceptions are dissolved, you reach an awareness of your body as a whole – an amplified self-awareness.

Jahara Technique ® provides an overall sense of expansion.

Aided by a flexible flotation device, called the Third Arm™, the Jahara® Technique practitioners provide precise support to the body structure. This support, combined with gentle traction:

  • Elongates the spine.
  • Decompresses the nero-musculoskeletal system.

There are a number of principles that differentiate Jahara Technique ® from other forms of Thermal Aquatic Bodywork. One is that the participant’s head is always leading, never the feet.

Another principle of Jahara Technique ® is its slowness. Every inch of the movement is performed precisely and clearly. The intention of the Jahara Technique ® practitioner to move in an optimal body posture helps you to adopt his own contracted patterns. These body-friendly ideas build on well-known forms of the Alexander Technique.

Potential Health Benefits:

  • Relieve stress, strain and tension
  • Decrease pain and remove one of the fundamental causes of pain (misuse)
  • Benefit internal organs: musculoskeletal-system, digestive, respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems
  • Improve breathing
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Promotes profound relaxation, peace and joy
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Reduce soreness and fatigue
  • Enhance immune system response
  • Improve healing
  • Increase body energy
  • Redistribute muscle tone harmoniously throughout the body
  • Increase range of motion
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Increase muscle relaxation
  • Decrease muscle spasm
  • Decrease spasticity (muscular hypertonicity)
  • Promote awareness of proper body alignment
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Creates long-lasting feeling of wellness

Aquatic Therapy is recognized for its potential to:

  • Promote well-being
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Alleviate chronic pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Ease the pain of fibromyalgia

It is believed that the thermal properties of water assist healing. The body’s reaction to hot and cold water causes the nerves at the surface of the skin to carry impulses deep into the body. This reaction is thought to:

  • Lessen pain sensitivity
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Aid lymphatic drainage
  • Increase blood circulation

It is also likely to leave you both physically and mentally relaxed.

Thermal Aquatic Bodywork can Release Energy and Balance Chi

Thermal Aquatic Bodywork is an effective way of mobilizing “Chi” (life force) through the “Meridians” (lines of energy in the body). Body temperature water offers a unique and ideal medium for freeing energy. The lightness of the body in water allows the Aquatic practitioner to float you, which has the following effects:

  • Frees the spinal vertebrae
  • Rotates joint articulations
  • Elongates muscles

All of the above benefits are simply not possible with land exercise.


Alcohol and smoking are prohibited during activities.

There are several precautions you need to consider before participating the thermal aquatic bodywork:

  • confusion or disorientation
  • after ingestion of alcoholic beverages
  • under the influence of narcotic
  • medications
  • respiratory problems
  • hypertension
  • medical condition affecting the spine
  • spinal disc herniation (slipped disc)
  • pregnancy
  • limited strength, endurance, balance, or range of motion


You can not participate if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • incontinence diarrhea, bowel/bladder incontinence
  • vomiting (emesis)
  • seizure (epilepsy) disorders
  • open wounds or non-healing ulcers
  • contagious skin condition
  • herpes
  • high fever
  • HIV
  • hepatitis C
  • infectious diseases
  • ear infection (otitis)
  • urinary infections
  • perforated eardrum
  • eye infection
  • heart disease (abnormal heart function), cardiac failure
  • blood pressure disorder (untreated)
  • pregnancy (after the 17th week, with your physician approval)
  • chemotherapy and radiation therapy (after the 3rd month)
  • allergies or sensitivities to pool chemicals
  • excessive fear of water
  • colostomy bag/catheter use by patient

Jahara Expansion

Through five concepts of the Jahara Technique you will be able to get the spirit of this aquatic Therapy Technique:

  1. Expansion
  2. Support
  3. Effortlessness
  4. Invisibility
  5. Adaptability

MariojaharaMario originated the Jahara® Program. A structural bodywork teacher and author with a 20-year international career, Mario has extensive training in a number of different body-awareness and bodywork modalities. He bases his approach to teaching and working with the body on one of the key concepts of Jahara®, which he defines as The Power of Gentleness.


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