What People Say

Hanni's engagement in developing an information system about aquatic practice, research and education is great and of global importance. Aqua4balance is truly complementary to other information platforms in the aquatic industry.
You have a wonderful newsletter, you do such excellent job.  I’m always impressed with how you overcome challenges, thanks for all your hard work!
AQUA4BALANCE is a GREAT resource for aquatic bodyworkers! You can find many of our alumni, instructors and friends from around the world, tons of articles on the scientifically-proven benefits of aquatic healing, and many more great resources.
Thank you for creating a valuable resource for the aquatic community through your website and related social networks with AQUA4BALANCE. I also appreciate all you do to promote interest in Watsu®. I am writing on behalf of Harold Dull and WABA.
Congratulations for your work at aqua4balance.com, it's beautiful with great content. I believe it is the best.
Thanks a lot for your support Hanni, and let me thank you also for the great job you do with your website. IT IS AMAZING! It is wonderful to have a neutral place where everybody can meet, feel supported and connect.
I just wanted to thank you for all you do. I love your posts and your AQUA4BALANCE page. Keep up all the beautiful sharing! Much love
Thank you for putting this beautiful site together.
I admire your activity and collection of wonderful pools in the world, which I liked very much… Aquatic Greetings, In the Flow
Hanni's heartfelt love for the Aquatic Arts is overflowing in this beautiful expression through her site: AQUA4BALANCE.COM She has created this amazing 5 star unifying space where each of us as Instructors, Therapists, Practitioners and Aquatic Professionals can navigate with ease and authentic support to share each our own Aquatic modality and offerings to anyone and everyone who chooses to enter. It is evident that Hanni has created this offering out of her love of humanity and planetary healing. Thank you Hanni for your gifts. …In gratitude.
I really appreciate your work – it is amazing source of information for aquatic people.
What a wonderful community you are building. May it grow and blossom and succeed in introducing this transformational work and the healing power of water exponentially! Thank you for all you do for the aquatic community. You are a light!
CONGRATULATION!! there is no site world-wide that can compared with yours… it's the most profound and VERY well done.
I love the fact you have compiled much of Peggy Shoedinger's writing and many other instrumental Instructors. Yesterday for the first time I became aware of your site as it came up on face book. I really appreciate the work you have put into making the site so professional. Well done! Blessings on all the people you touch, both in the water and through the internet, Sincerely,
I love your website. Keep on water dreaming and doing your beautiful work!
I am very grateful for the amazing information you share! … will follow your news as usual with delight and interest. Hari Om
The valuable web resource Hanni created with aqua4balance.com and the warm and flowing way in which she connected that with colleagues, especially on Facebook, has inspired a flood of sharing and access to water-based wellness worldwide. Hanni remains the modest, creative and committed influence behind it all. Like water, she is the quintessential networker!. Thank you so much for spreading the word about water as a significant part of the wellness movement. The information here is presented in such a bright, clear and thorough way. It certainly reflects all that is healing about water.
I've said this before and will probably say it many more times. Thank you for your awesome website and wonderful posts with all of the juicy info about our work. Namaste!
Hanni's vision of creating a special website following her passion for healing and therapy support us all around the world by sharing information and connect. Thank you Hanni for your devotion and care for people and details.
THANK YOU for all that you do to bring the healing medium of water to so many in need. Blessings,
…Although we are half the globe away from one another, I am in almost daily communication with Hanni. I share and forward information posted in AQUA4BALANCE.COM on a weekly basis. I enjoy and appreciate commentary and videos, and I am always learning facts and observing discussions important to my aquatic professionalism. I deeply appreciate the time and effort Hanni has put into organizing information and resources, and will continue to refer individuals, groups and companies to the marvelous storehouse created by this clearly caring and dedicated professional!
Wonderful site. It's comforting to see globally connected aquatic consciousnesses. You are to be commended for uniting Water Therapists globally. It's inspiring and also comforting to see globally Connected aquatic consciousnesses. Everyone overlaps yet is unique, uplifting!
I found your website really interesting. Thanks a lot for creating such a great informative pages. Hasta pronto.
Stef Cerf, Watsu® Practitioner
I just want to say, "Thank you". For all the information you post. You are such a valuable resource for me. I appreciate and value the information posted and the time you took to post it.
Thank you for all of your work in creating this Aquatic Professionals Directory. It is wonderful!
I am excited to have joined your website …. you provide great information for the industry … just sorry I did not discover you until now, especially since it looks like you have had a profile page created for me for 2 years!