Emotional Release with Watsu Massage

Watsu massage can provides emotional release

Watsu massage therapy provides not only pain and stress relief, but also emotional release that people rave about

Watsu massage, originally developed by Harold Dull at Harbin Hot Springs, California in the early 1980s, combines elements of muscle stretching, joint mobilization, massage, Shiatsu, and dance, performed in chest-deep warm water (around 35°C = 95°F). The receiver is continuously supported by a practitioner or therapist while being backfloated, rhythmically cradled, moved, stretched, and massaged. The effects of warm water, gentle touch, and numerous flowing movement techniques produce a deep state of relaxation. Watsu is now used worldwide as a form of passive aquatic therapy for physical rehabilitation of illness, injury, and disability

With Watsu massage your breathing begins to stabilize. You can actually sense each and every tired and fatigued muscle unwind and release without pain or hesitation.

As soreness and fatigue are reduced, your circulation gently removes any metabolites left within your muscles.

You are ever so gently transcending to a complete feeling of oneness with all that is peaceful, calm and serene; one perfect balance of body, mind and spirit.

With Watsu massage as new positive energy rises throughout your entire being, you discover where tension is stored and how to effectively deal with it.

With Watsu massage you surface to a new-found world of peace, relaxation, inner order and tranquility, armed with the focus necessary to confront the world with a strong, positive attitude.

Watsu® is a registered service mark of Harold Dull.