Recommended Dairy & Eggs for Blood Type AB

Including a source of protein like an egg or yogurt at breakfast along with a high-fiber grain like 100-percent rye bread toast can help you feel full longer and eat less throughout the day.

egg_cupDairy products are beneficial for type AB’s. Cultured and soured products such as yogurt, kefir, and reduced-fat sour cream are more easily digested.

The primary difficulty is excessive mucus production. Type AB’s already produce a lot of mucus, and don’t need more. Signs of respiratory problems, sinus attacks, or ear infections might indicate a need to cut back on dairy.

Eggs are a good source of protein for type AB’s. Eat eggs boiled or poached to increase protein, lower cholesterol, and reduce calorie intake. Poaching and boiling help prevent egg yolk fats from being oxidized before and during cooking. When an egg’s yolk is exposed to air, its cholesterol is oxidized. The presence of oxidized cholesterol in blood can accelerate the development of heart disease.

  dairy for blood type ab

Dairy & Eggs Intake

  • 1 egg x 2-5 servings weekly
  • Cheese: 60 g / 2 oz. X 2-4 servings weekly
  • Yogurt: 115-175 g / 4-6 oz. X 2-4 servings weekly
  • Milk: 125-175 g / 4-6 oz. X 1-6 servings weekly

Source: Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Eat Right For Your Type