What is Climatotherapy?

Healing Weather Conditions

Everyone loves it when it’s sunny and bright outside. The sun feels good on your skin, bones, and muscles, and a bright sky can really lift your spirits.

Climatotherapy is a combination of therapies and rehabilitative treatment, performed under climatic conditions that accelerate healing. Climatotherapy refers to temporary relocation of a person to a region with a climate more favorable to recovery.

A unique combination of natural resources having therapeutic effects has turned few locations around the world into a health and healing attraction.

Extraordinary climatic conditions, including uniquely filtered sun rays and fresh, oxygen-rich air, a therapeutic calm atmosphere, a breathtaking natural surroundings, all combine in providing the basis for the successful effect of healing.

These natural resources have been shown to provide a beneficial effect on various health conditions, including stress related conditions and have led to the renowned reputation of those locations as a natural spa constituting a source of promoting health and improving the quality of life.


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