Blood Type AB – Overview

Blood Type AB — The Enigma > Rare, charismatic, mysterious, delicate offspring of a rare merger between the tolerant Type A and the formerly barbaric, but more balanced, Type B


  • Designed for modern conditions
  • Highly tolerant immune system
  • Combines best of type A and type B


  • Sensitive digestive tract
  • Tendency for over-tolerant immune system, allowing microbial invasion
  • Reacts negatively to A-like and B-like conditions

Medical Risks

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Anemia

Diet Profile

  • Mixed diet in moderation: meat, seafood, dairy products, tofu, beans, pulses, grains, vegetables, fruit

Weight Loss Key

  • AVOID red meat, kidney beans, lima beans, seeds, corn, buckwheat
  • Incorporate more tofu, seafood, dairy products, greens, kelp, pineapple


  • Vitamin C, vitamin B12, iron


  • Calming, centering exercises (ai-chi, aqua yoga, yoga, tai chi) combined with moderate physical activity (hiking, cycling, tennis)

Type AB’s unique traits

  • Fragile digestive system
  • Low production of stomach acid
  • Can handle dairy products
  • Feel good after moderate exercise balanced by calming exercises.

Blood type AB is rare and complex. Multiple antigens make type AB’s sometimes A-like, sometimes B-like, and sometimes a fusion of both. This multiplicity of qualities can be positive or negative, depending on the circumstances. For better understanding and application, familiarize yourself with both type A and type B diets. Most foods not recommended for type A’s or type B’s are probably bad for type AB, with some exceptions.

Blood Type AB’s reflect the mixed inheritance of their A and B genes. Although genetically programmed for meat consumption, they lack enough stomach acid to metabolize meat efficiently, and the meat gets stored as fat. For weight loss, consume meat in small amounts and supplement diet with vegetables and tofu.

Insufficient hydrochloric acid produced in type AB’s stomachs can also disturb the absorption of vitamin B12, which is normally found in red meat and vegetable protein foods such as soy products and sea kelp. This inability to absorb vitamin B12 well tends to make type AB’s prone to pernicious anemia.

Type AB and type B have similar insulin reaction resulting in hypoglycemia after eating kidney beans, lima beans, corn, buckwheat, and sesame seeds. Hypoglycemia, is a condition characterized by an abnormally low level of blood sugar (glucose), leading to inefficient metabolism.

Type AB’s can tolerate dairy products and don’t have problems with wheat gluten, but for weight-loss purposes, they should avoid wheat, which tends to make muscle tissue more acidic. Type AB’s use calories most efficiently when the muscle tissue is somewhat alkaline.

Take the Blood Type Diet as far as you want or need!