Aquatic Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease

Presentation by Stacy Lynch, PTA, CLT, CPT, Aq, GAq, Owner & Director of Programming- Inertia Therapy Services

A Case Review was done by Dr Kent Myers on a patient that I was working with that had late stage Alzheimer’s disease. The results were astounding. This video presentation show his progress after initiating aquatic therapy (Halliwick and Watsu).

Aquatic therapy has been used for decades to provide physical therapy for patients with lower extremity deformities. Recently, investigators also have shown potential benefits for patients with neurological conditions, such as balance disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and post-stroke effects.

This case report documents a patient with severe Alzheimer’s disease who responded well to Halliwick Concept Aquatic therapy, and both subjective and objective evidence is presented to document his improvement. This case suggests a need to further investigate the potential of Aquatic therapy to improve the quality of life of patients with dementia.

Link to the case report document: Aquatic Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease, Kent W. Myers, MD by Dina Capek, RN, Holly Shill, MD, Marwan Sabbagh, MD