Aqua Jogging for Weight Loss

A Pilot Study: Effects of Aqua jogging in Obese Adults

by Wouters EJ, Van Nunen AM, Geenen R, Kolotkin RL, Vingerhoets AJ, Department of physiotherapy, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2010

Aim and Method

To examine in obese people the potential effectiveness of a six-week, two times weekly aqua jogging program on body composition, fitness, health-related quality of life, and exercise beliefs. Fifteen otherwise healthy obese persons participated in a pilot study.


Total fat mass and waist circumference decreased 1.4 kg (P = .03) and 3.1 cm (P = .005), respectively.
The distance in the Six-Minute Walk Test increased 41 meters (P = .001).
Three scales of the Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite questionnaire improved: physical function (P = .008), self-esteem (P = .004), and public distress (P = .04).
Increased perceived exercise benefits (P = .02) and decreased embarrassment (P = .03) were observed.


Aqua jogging was associated with reduced body fat and waist circumference and improved aerobic fitness and quality of life. These findings suggest the usefulness of conducting a randomized controlled trial with long-term outcome assessments.

References: PMID: 20721335