Ai Chi Physical Movement Principles

Ai Chi is flowing, soft, round movements executed with a profound inwardly directed focus. It requires a non-judgmental attention to self.

  • Move with the water (muscles and joints will relax and eyes become partly closed).
  • Move naturally until the motions flow easily, with no straining.
  • Ai Chi should be done slowly, gently, and quietly.
  • By eliminating all other thoughts, you will achieve a unity of movement and consciousness.

Awareness of the mind’s presence in the various parts of the body is taught through the techniques of Ai Chi. With that training, you can acquire greater degrees of health, fitness, and longevity than through physical training alone.

Repetition: Deep relaxation can only occur when you feel stable in the water and confident in your ability to follow the progression. Repetition allows us to do this. The repetition in Ai Chi is for relaxation, not for evaluating success or failure.

The challenge for those who are addicted to outward movement is a change in perspective. In Ai Chi, the focus is on tranquility, rather than the precision and rigidity of traditional exercise.

Pelvic mechanics and alignment. Correct alignment is crucial.

Twists created by the trunk stability movements are neutralizing, cleansing, and organic. They improve digestion and remove sluggishness, and are effective in relieving:

  • backache
  • headaches
  • stiffness in the shoulders and neck

After Ai Chi positioning is taught, natural, continual movement and slowness are taught, and then breathing is incorporated.