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Watsu for Pregnancy

Watsu for Pregnancy Effects of Passive Hydrotherapy WATSU (WaterShiatsu) in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Results of a Controlled Pilot Study Agnes M. Schitter, Marko Nedeljkovic, Johannes Fleckenstein, Luigi Raio, Heiner Baur, Bern University Hospital,

Watsu Massage

What is Watsu Massage? Combining Water and Massage for a True Mind/Body Water Therapy Experience Aquatic Therapy Technique, Developed by Harold Dull in 1980 Watsu massage consists of moves and stretches done to the breath

Watsu Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Watsu ® Therapy for Cerebral Palsy (CP) A case study conducted by Aleksandra Koziorowska, PT, Watsu Practitioner, Poland; Tomasz Zagórski, MSc, Watsu Instructor, Poland; Michał Murawa, DPT, University School of Physical Education, Poland, Feb 2014

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Aquatic Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease

Aquatic Therapy and Alzheimer's Disease Presentation by Stacy Lynch, PTA, CLT, CPT, Aq, GAq, Owner & Director of Programming- Inertia Therapy Services A Case Review was done by Dr Kent Myers on a

Watsu Approach for Stroke

Watsu Approach for Stroke Study: Watsu Approach for Improving Spasticity and Ambulatory Function in Hemiparetic Patients with Stroke Watsu was found helpful in controlling spasticity and improving ambulatory function of the patients with hemiparesis. By