Balneotherapy, Osteoarthritis and Hypertension

Balneotherapy, Osteoarthritis and Hypertension Is there a clinically meaningful change in the blood pressure of osteoarthritis patients with comorbid hypertension during the course of Balneotherapy? By Emrullah Hayta, Ilker Yayikçi, Zafer Özer, Özlem Sahin from

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Hypertension and Hot Tubs

Hypertension and Hot Tubs Immersion in Hot Tub Water Helps Reduce Blood Pressure Dr. Becker at the World Aquatic Health Conference 2011 Dr. Bruce Becker, a research professor at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington,

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Study: Water Aerobics and High Blood Pressure

Water Aerobics and High Blood Pressure Water Aerobic Exercise can Reduced Blood Pressure This study investigate the effects of  water aerobic exercise on the resting blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension By Ali Vasheghani