The Blood Type Diet

Have you noticed that some people can eat a variety of foods with no problems, while others suffer from gas, bloating, indigestion, and heartburn?

The reason is that people with different blood types cannot digest the same foods equally. Our ancestors’ unique biological blueprints complemented their environments. The genetic characteristics of our ancestors live in our blood today.

Type O—Oldest, most basic blood type, effective predators, survivors

blood-type-o-wType O’s unique traits:

  • Hardiest digestive system
  • Overactive immune system
  • Meat eaters
  • Cannot properly digest products containing gluten
  • High production of stomach acid
  • Intolerant to dietary, environmental adaptations
  • Require an efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic
  • Respond best to stress with intense physical activity
  • Feel good after vigorous workouts
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Type A—First immigrants, adapted to more agrarian lifestyle, cooperative personality for survival in crowded communities

a-blood-type-womenType A’s unique traits:

  • Fragile digestive system
  • Low production of stomach acid
  • Animal protein intolerant
  • Digest carbohydrates efficiently
  • Classic “vegetarian”
  • Tolerant immune system
  • Tolerant to dietary and environmental adaptations
  • Usually lactose intolerant
  • Respond best to stress with calming action
  • Feel good after calming exercises
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Type B—Assimilators, adapted to new climates, the mingling of populations

women-type-bType B’s unique traits:

  • Balanced
  • Tolerant digestive system
  • Strong immune system
  • Unable to properly digest wheat products containing gluten
  • Tolerant to dairy products
  • High allergic threshold
  • Responds best to stress with creativity
  • Requires balance between physical and mental activity to stay lean and sharp
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Type AB—Delicate offspring of tolerant Type A and the formerly barbaric, but more balanced, Type B

ab-blood-women-bigType AB’s unique traits:

  • Fragile digestive system
  • Low production of stomach acid
  • Tolerant immune system
  • Cannot tolerate animal protein
  • Tolerant to dairy products
  • Tolerant to dietary and environmental adaptations
  • Feel good after aerobic exercise balanced by calming exercises
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