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Blood Type B Diet Guidelines

Blood Type B Diet Guidelines Type B—Assimilators, adapted to new climates, the mingling of populations. Type B's unique traits Balanced Tolerant digestive system Strong immune system Unable to properly digest wheat products containing gluten

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Blood type AB Diet Guidelines

Blood Type AB Diet Guidelines Type AB—Delicate offspring of tolerant Type A and the formerly barbaric, but more balanced, Type B. Type AB's unique traits Fragile digestive system Low production of stomach acid Tolerant

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Water Balance Mechanisms

Water Balance Mechanisms in Our Body Several Mechanisms in the Body Work Together to Maintain Water Balance Thirst When your body needs water, nerve centers deep within the brain are stimulated, resulting

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ABO Blood Type Discovery

ABO Blood Type Discovery Karl Landsteiner discovered the two most significant blood type systems during early experiments with blood transfusion: the ABO group in 1901 and in co-operation with Alexander S. Wiener, the Rhesus group

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ABO Blood Type Evolution

ABO Blood Type Evolution The key to the significance of blood type can be found in the story of human evolution. Type O is the oldest. Type A evolved with the agrarian society. Type B

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How Much Should You Drink?

How Much Should You Drink? Tips for Staying Hydrated During Exercise, and Throughout Your Busy Day It can be difficult to remember to drink enough water every day, but it is even more difficult to

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Dehydration and Pain

Dehydration and Pain Pain Can be Cured By Drinking Water Before dehydration hurts you irreversibly, when your plum-like cells become prune-like, your body will show its urgent need for water through different types of pain.

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