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Aquatic Therapy Techniques: Aqua Meditation, Aquatic Integration, Aquatic Physical Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy in Water, Jahara Technique, Healing Dance, Water Dance, Watsu Therapy.

Watsu Massage

What is Watsu Massage? Combining Water and Massage for a True Mind/Body Water Therapy Experience Aquatic Therapy Technique, Developed by Harold Dull in 1980 Watsu massage consists of moves and stretches done to the breath

Jahara Technique

What is the Jahara Technique? The Gentle Power of Water Aquatic Therapy Technique, Developed by Mario Jahara in 1995 Jahara Technique ® combines: Body awareness Healthy body mechanics The gentle power of water It consists

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Healing Dance Therapy

What is Healing Dance Therapy? The healing power of movement Aquatic Therapy Technique, Developed by Alexander George in 1993 A graceful and powerful form of aquatic bodywork, conducted in warm water, integrating elements of Watsu

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Craniosacral Therapy in Water

What is Craniosacral Therapy in Water? Gentle yet effective approach for pain, dysfunction & trauma healing Craniosacral Therapy in Water is a gentle aquatic therapy technique that evaluate and enhance the function of the Craniosacral

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Aquatic Integration

What is Aquatic Integration? Eliminate Pain, Restore Motion and Helps Overcome Stored Tension or Trauma Aquatic Therapy Techniques, Developed by Cameron West Aquatic Integration™ (AI) is a thermal aquatic bodywork that allows your body to

Five Concepts of the Jahara Technique

What are the 5 Concepts of Jahara Technique? Expansion, Support, Effortlessness, Invisibility, Adaptability 1. Expansion The Jahara® Technique - Expansion As opposed to stretching, which is always directed to a particular group of muscles, expansion

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Emotional Release with Watsu Massage

Emotional Release with Watsu Massage Watsu massage can provides emotional release Watsu massage therapy provides not only pain and stress relief, but also emotional release that people rave about Watsu massage, originally developed by Harold Dull

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