Balneotherapy, Osteoarthritis and Hypertension

Balneotherapy, Osteoarthritis and Hypertension Is there a clinically meaningful change in the blood pressure of osteoarthritis patients with comorbid hypertension during the course of Balneotherapy? By Emrullah Hayta, Ilker Yayikçi, Zafer Özer, Özlem Sahin from

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Aquatic Exercises for Knee OA

Aquatic Exercises for Knee OA Effectiveness of aquatic exercise for treatment of knee osteoarthritis: systematic review and meta-analysis. By Lu M, Su Y, Zhang Y, Zhang Z, Wang W, He Z, Liu F, Li Y,

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Study: Balneotherapy – Hands Osteoarthritis Treatment

Evaluation of the Effect of Balneotherapy in Patients with Hands Osteoarthritis Randomized Controlled Single-Blind Follow-up Study By Horváth K, Kulisch Á, Németh A, Bender T. from Zsigmondy Vilmos Harkány Medicinal Spa Hospital, Harkány, Hungary

Balneotherapy at the Dead Sea Area For Knee Osteoarthritis

Balneotherapy at the Dead Sea Area for Knee Osteoarthritis Study: Intermittent Balneotherapy for patients with knee osteoarthritis by Sherman G, Zeller L, Avriel A, Friger M, Harari M, Sukenik S. Department of Medicine D, Soroka

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Exercise for Osteoarthritis of the Hip or Knee

Exercise for Osteoarthritis of the Hip or Knee Abstract: Effects of aquatic exercise on flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness in adults with osteoarthritis By Wang TJ, Belza B, Elaine Thompson F, Whitney JD, Bennett K., Department of

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Osteoarthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis Treatment Abstract: Aquatic Exercise for Treatment of Knee and Hip OA Authors: Bartels EM, Lund H, Hagen KB, Dagfinrud H, Christensen R, Danneskiold-Samsøe B. BACKGROUND Clinical experience indicates that aquatic exercise

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Study: Balneotherapy – Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment

Balneotherapy is a useful Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Efficacy of Balneotherapy on pain, function and quality of life in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. By Fioravanti A, Giannitti C, Bellisai B, Iacoponi F, Galeazzi M. from