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The AquaStretch are a series of stretching exercises done in varying depths of water, with and without 2 to 10 lbs of weights attached to your body.

Physiological Mechanism of Stretching

Physiological Mechanism of Stretching The basic physiological concepts that come into play when a muscle is stretched. Physiology of Stretching The Musculoskeletal System Muscle Composition How Muscles Contract Fast and Slow Muscle Fibers Connective Tissue

AquaStretch Overview by George Eversaul

AquaStretch Overview by George Eversaul, A.P.H., Creator of AquaStretch AquaStretch is a new form of individual and facilitated aquatic exercising, which may be used in Wellness programs and also as an aquatic therapy. It’s

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What Happens When We Stretch Our Muscles?

What Happens When We Stretch Our Muscles? The stretching of a muscle fiber begins with the sarcomere, the basic unit of contraction in the muscle fiber. As the sarcomere contracts, the area of overlap between

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