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Watsu® Practitioner - 500 hours Program

Basic Information

  • Posted: Feb 18, 2012
  • Last Updated: Jun 11, 2012
  • Views: 2319
  • Likes: 2
  • Category: Aquatic Education » WABA
  • Tags: #watsu 1 #aquatic therapy #waba #watsu 2 #watsu 3 #watsu practitioner
  • Description: Watsu is an extremely gentle form of therapeutic massage conducted in warm water, combining elements of massage, joint mobilization, shiatsu, muscle stretching and movements. If you are already licensed to work with the body you can add Watsu® as a modality to your existing practice.

Contact Details

Profile Information

  • Type: Aquatic Therapy & Bodywork
  • Presented By: WABA
  • Instructor: WABA Instructors
  • Suitable for: Physical t­herapist, ­massage th­erapist, p­hysiothera­pist, occu­pational t­herapist, ­nurse, ATR­IC therapi­st, cranio­sacral The­rapist, he­aling touc­h practiti­oner, holi­stic healt­h practiti­oner, medi­cal masseu­r and spa ­therapist,­ shiatsu p­ractitione­r, traditi­onal chine­se medicin­e (TCM) pr­actitioner­ and much ­more
  • Duration: 500 hours
  • Certification: WABA
  • Location: Worldwide