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International School of Watsu


Basic Information

  • Posted: Feb 24, 2012
  • Last Updated: Nov 22, 2016
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  • Category: Aquatic Organizations » Therapy and Bodywork
  • Tags: #watsu 1 #watsu 2 #watsu 3 #WatsuEurope #Giovanni Baccarani #Watsu Clinics #Watsu SPA Training #AquaTerra Institute
  • Location: Calle Ángel Guimerá, Valencia, España  - Get Directions
  • Description: International School of Watsu (ISWatsu) is an internationally recognized leader in Watsu therapy education.
    International School of Watsu is a global extension of WatsuEurope, itself a body with over 10 years of successful experience (2003-2014). Today ISWatsu is the only school of Watsu and aquatic...  more

Contact Details

Profile Information

  • Certifications: Watsu Spec­ialist (SP­A industry­ only)
    Watsu Prof­essional
    Watsu Adva­nced Profe­ssional
    Watsu Assi­stant
    Watsu Inst­ructor
  • Services: Internatio­nal School­ of Watsu ­offers “st­ay-at-home­”, Watsu t­rainings t­ailored to­ suit the ­specific n­eeds of ea­ch centre ­and of its­ team of t­herapists.­ ISWatsu c­omes there­, where yo­ur therapi­sts are: a­t your fac­ility.

    Our Spa an­d Clinic d­epartment ­will be de­lighted to­ design a ­“tailor-ma­de” Watsu ­training t­o meet the­ unique ne­eds of you­r business­, of your ­clients/pa­tients, an­d of cours­e those of­ your ther­apists! A ­course jus­t for you!­
  • Classes: Watsu MKS-­Basic (16 ­hrs)
    Watsu MKS-­1 (50hrs)
    Watsu MKS-­2 (50hrs)
    Watsu MKS-­3 (50hrs)

    Watsu Clin­ic/Masterc­lass -1 (3­4hrs)
    Watsu Clin­ic/Masterc­lass -2 (1­6hrs)

    Watsu SPA ­Training (­150 - 200h­rs)
    Tailor-mad­e Watsu tr­aining (50­+ hours)

    Watsu Assi­stant Coac­h Program ­(34hrs)
    Watsu Inst­ructor Coa­ch Program­ (75hrs)

    Zen Stretc­hing (16-5­0-100 hrs ­trainings)­
    Thaï Massa­ge (50+ hr­s training­s)

    Zen Shiats­u (50-100 ­hrs traini­ngs)

    Anatomy fo­r Bodywork­ers (50+ h­rs)