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Vision Spa Retreat

Skype: sara.firman

Basic Information

  • Posted: Apr 08, 2012
  • Last Updated: May 10, 2012
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  • Category: Aquatic Websites & Blogs
  • Tags: #spa #Sara Firman #Vision Spa Retreat #spa trends #spa culture
  • Description: Vision Spa Retreat offers reflections on spa, soul and water. Special emphasis on spa culture and trends, sustainability issues, water in health and healing. Focused on personal and planetary water consciousness.

Contact Details

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  • Sara Firman
    Sara Firman Let's extend our perception of water as a utility for drinking and washing to water as a vital medium for life, transformation, creativity, and healing. Not only can it enhance our sense of wellbeing, it can also expand our inner and outer awareness, and...  more
    June 24, 2012
  • Sara Firman
    Sara Firman Is the 'Spa' word under threat, overused, abused? And where's the all the 'Water' gone?
    October 16, 2012