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Sara Firman BSc, MPhil, LMT, Watsu® Therapist

Basic Information

  • Posted: Mar 06, 2012
  • Last Updated: Jun 15, 2014
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  • Category: Aquatic Therapy Professionals
  • Tags: #ai chi #watsu practitioner #Sara Firman #LMT #Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Location: Available worldwide  - Get Directions
  • Description: For me, this practice is just as much art as therapy. It is my passion! I am trained in and make use of several aquatic bodywork forms in my own practice - Aquapoetics. With over 12 years experience in aquatic bodywork and many more in other massage and movement practices - I have developed my own...  more

Contact Details

Profile Information

Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute ATRI

  • ATRI Certifications: Ai Chi Trainer

Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association WABA

  • WaterDance Practitioner: January 1, 2000
  • Watsu® Practitioner: December 19, 1998

Land Therapy

  • Certifications: Massage Therapy

Land Exercise

  • Certifications: Yoga Teacher

More Info

  • My Instructors: Minakshi, ­Harold Dul­l, Elaine ­Marie, Ric­hard Bock,­ Mario Jah­ara, Alexa­nder Georg­eakopoulos­, David Sa­wyer,

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  • Sara Firman
    Sara Firman Find me on LinkedIn also:
    June 24, 2012
  • Sara Firman
    Sara Firman 2014 Update: Currently working as Senior Wellness Practitioner Aqua ~ Designing, developing, executing and operating the aquatic offerings (including aquatic bodywork) as part of the wellness program at the newly launched luxury eco-retreat of Vana Malsi Estate.
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