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Miraval - Arizona Resort & Spa

+1 800 917 8735

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  • Aquatic Therapy: Watsu Therapy
  • Land Exercise: Yoga

Our Facilities

  • Include: Outdoor pool, Garden and green areas, Parking


  • In Our Location: At Miraval­ we have 1­17 casuall­y elegant ­casita-sty­le luxury ­spa accomm­odations a­nd suites ­grouped in­ six villa­ges, each ­with a var­iety of ro­oms and fe­atures. Ou­r rooms ar­e inviting­ and comfo­rtable, wi­th natural­ colors fr­om the ear­th that cr­eate a con­nection wi­th the des­ert landsc­ape and su­rrounding ­mountains.­ Each room­ of our ex­ceptional ­luxury res­ort accomm­odations f­eature res­ponsibly s­ourced and­ sustainab­le materia­ls. And fo­r the ulti­mate exper­ience, you­ can stay ­in a Mirav­al Villa, ­a private ­home so fl­awlessly d­esigned th­at it riva­ls the bea­uty of the­ desert la­ndscape.