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Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

+1 626 564 0330

Basic Information

  • Posted: Oct 28, 2012
  • Last Updated: Oct 28, 2012
  • Views: 1416
  • Category: Aquatic & Fitness Centers
  • Tags: #therapy pool #aqua yoga #Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
  • Location: 360 North Arroyo Boulevard, Pasadena, CA, USA  - Get Directions
  • Description: Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Aquatics Center provides recreational, educational, therapeutic and competitive aquatic programs to enhance the health and fitness of all residents in our diverse community. We are committed to: Delivering high-quality, affordable programs for all participants - absolute beginne...  more

Contact Details

Profile Information

  • Services: Lap Swimmi­ng (long &­amp; short­ course)
    Swimming L­essons
    Swimming T­eam
    Masters pr­ograms in ­swimming, ­water polo­ and divin­g
    Recreation­al Swimmin­g
    Special ne­eds and ad­aptive swi­mming prog­rams
    Therapy an­d rehabili­tation pro­grams
    Diving les­sons
    Diving Tea­m
    Water Polo­ Team
    Water Aero­bics
    Anderson A­dventure C­amp H2O
    Dry land f­itness cla­sses
    Personal w­eight and ­fitness tr­aining
  • Opening Hours: Monday - F­riday: 5:3­0 a.m. - 9­:00 p.m.
    Saturday: ­6:00 a.m. ­- 5:00 p.m­.
    Sunday: 8:­00 a.m. - ­5:00 p.m.
  • Aquatic Rehabilitation: Aqua physical Therapy
  • Aquatic Exercise: Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Yoga, Water Workout
  • Swimming: Private Swimming Lessons, Group Swimming Lessons, Adult Swimming Lessons, Kids Swimming Lessons

Our Facilities

  • Include: Indoor pool, Outdoor pool, Fitness Center, Dressing rooms, Showers, Lockers, Garden and green areas, Parking, Access for disabled people

Therapy Pools

  • Description: 2 Olympic size (50 Meter x 25 Yard) pools with water depth up to 17 feet, 1 warm water pool, 2 hydrotherapy spas