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Magic Water at Paradise Spa - Dune Eco Village

+91 413 3244040

Basic Information

  • Posted: Sep 25, 2012
  • Last Updated: Sep 25, 2012
  • Views: 1990
  • Category: Aquatic Healing Centers
  • Tags: #Magic Water #Paradise Spa #Dune Eco Village
  • Location: Pondicherry, India  - Get Directions
  • Description: This facility consist of a 14 meter long swimming pool partly covered by an old wooden Kerala house. The water is Chlorine-free and Solar heated at around 35 degrees. There is a large private garden around with a relaxation area.

Contact Details

Profile Information

  • Other: Our Treatm­ents:
    Watsu® - W­ater Shiat­su
    Aqua Welln­ess - Suba­quatic Bod­y work
    Aqua Relax­ - Relaxin­g body mas­sage
    Aqua Refle­xo - Refle­xology of ­hand and f­eet
    Aqua Zen A­ichi - Med­itation an­d relaxati­on
    Aqua Yoga ­- Asanas a­nd Pranaya­ma
    Aqua Gym -­ Exercisin­g and stre­tching
    Chroma Wat­er - Magic­ Chromathe­rapy
    Hydrothera­py – Water­ Jacuzzy

Our Facilities

  • Include: Outdoor pool, Dressing rooms, Showers, Garden and green areas, Parking

Therapy Pools

  • Width: 14 m.
  • Degrees C / F: 35 C
  • Waters: chlorine-free
  • Energy: Solar heated


  • In Our Location: At the Dun­e Eco Vill­age and Sp­a