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Halliwick Aquatic Therapy

+001 602-733-6393

Basic Information

  • Posted: Dec 03, 2013
  • Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015
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  • Category: Aquatic Education
  • Tags: #halliwick #education #bad #aquatic #Therapy #occupational #physical #continuing #ragaz #ring #method #university #america #us #usa #arizona #alzheimers #dementia
  • Price: $1,595.00
  • Location: Sun City, AZ  - Get Directions
  • Description: Halliwick is a concept, originally developed to teach clients with a (physical) disability to swim and to make them independent in water. The concept was founded by the late James McMillan, an engineer in fluidmechanics. His main aims were participation and independence. Independence is an important...  more

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Profile Information

  • Presented By: Recgnized ­by the IAT­F and IHTN­.
    Hosted by ­Inertia Th­erapy Serv­ices
  • Instructor: Johan Lambeck, PT
  • Suitable for: Designed f­or Physica­l and Occu­pational T­herapists.­ Personal ­Trainers a­nd others ­must apply­ or be acc­ompanied b­y supervis­ing therap­ist.
  • Requirements: Halliwick(­r) Aquatic­ Therapy M­odule 1-Th­e 10 Point­ Program- ­PT/PTA, OT­/COTA

    Hallwiick(­r) Aquatic­ Therapy- ­Module 2- ­Water Spec­ific Thera­py- Must h­ave comple­ted Module­ 1
  • Duration: 65 Academic Hours/5 days
  • Certification: IATF, IHTN
  • Credits: 52.5 Pending ProCert Application
  • Tuition: $1595.00 (early discounts available)
  • Location: Sun City, ­AZ U.S.