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Fluid Presence - Provider Training by Shantam

+1 707-995-2677

Basic Information

  • Posted: Mar 24, 2014
  • Last Updated: Mar 24, 2014
  • Views: 1312
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  • Category: Aquatic Education
  • Tags: #Shantam Lanz #Fluid Presence #provider training
  • Description: The Fluid Presence™ Provider training is perfect for anyone who would like to learn or deepen his or her understanding of a therapeutic, holistic approach to warm-water therapy and cultivate a fluid way of being in the world. This path would be a match for anyone who regards embodied mindfulness as ...  more

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Profile Information

  • Instructor: Shantam Lanz
  • Duration: 250-hour program made up of five, 50-hour modules
  • Location: PremShala,­ 15 minute­s from Har­bin Hot Sp­rings in ­Northern C­alifornia,­ USA.