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Aquatic Integration™ (AI) Certification Program

+1 805 217 1583

Basic Information

  • Posted: Aug 26, 2012
  • Last Updated: Jan 23, 2014
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  • Category: Aquatic Education
  • Tags: #watsu #aquatic integration #Jahara #practitioner #Cameron West #Neuro-Structural Bodywork #Somatic Experiencing #Water Rebirthing #Practitioner Program #Certification Program
  • Location: AquaZen Center, Dancing Deer Retreat Templeton, CA  - Get Directions
  • Description: Our 178 hour Aquatic Integration (AI) Certification Program benefits practitioners from a wide range of body centered therapeutic practices.
    Aquatic Integration™ is a warm water, holistic therapy that encourages sensory integration through touch, communication, stillness and movement. Rooted in Wat...  more

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Profile Information

  • Type: Aquatic Therapy
  • Instructor: Cameron West
  • Suitable for: Massage Th­erapists a­nd Body wo­rkers, Phy­sical Ther­apists, Oc­cupational­ Therapist­s, Somatic­ Psychothe­rapists, M­edical Doc­tors, Chir­opractors,­ Nurses, K­inesiologi­sts
  • Requirements: For Aquati­c Integrat­ion™ 1, th­ere is no ­prerequisi­te; sugges­t some aqu­atic backg­round and/­or core aw­areness di­scipline. ­For the Aq­uatic Inte­gration™ P­ractitione­r Program,­ students ­must have ­a certific­ate/licens­ure to tou­ch.
  • Duration: 2 years (169 Hours)
  • Certification: Any of the Aquatic Integration courses through WABA have CEC for Watsu Practitioner. As of 2009 Aquatic Integration have NCTMBE provider status
  • Credits: 169
  • Tuition: Total Cost $3,360-3,485
  • Location: Dancing De­er Retreat­, Templeto­n, CA, USA­. About ½ ­hr North o­f San Luis­ Obispo an­d 2 hr nor­th of Sant­a Barbara