What is Ai Chi?

Graceful Form of Aquatic Exercise that involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing, Created by Jun Konno, in 1990

Ai Chi is a water-based total body strengthening and relaxation progression that bridges East and West philosophies, and integrates mental, physical, and spiritual energy.

It combines Tai-Chi and Qi Gong concepts with Watsu techniques, and is performed standing in shoulder-depth warm water using a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs, and torso.

The Ai Chi progression moves (kata) from simple breathing, to the incorporation of upper-extremity, trunk, lower-extremity, and finally total body involvement.

Ai Chi is an efficient exercise program that:

  • Increases oxygen and caloric consumption through correct form and positioning in the water.
  • Is a perfect relaxation technique for highly stressed, over-challenged people.
  • Is ideal for creating improved range of motion and mobility.

Water, movement, and music are used to encourage a state of relaxed awareness.

Ai Chi takes advantage of the waters properties, fostering range of motion while challenging balance (safely) and facilitating core strength and stability. The series of movements is simple, but effective and becomes meditative when performed repeatedly and coordinated with the breath.

Ai Chi is widely recommended especially for high stress and other disorders that limit movement or energy and as such it is an important activity in our wellness program, as it can improve physical and mental health, while minimizing the effects of stress symptoms.

  • Ai Chi can be a way to get your body moving, increase your energy, and promote flexibility and strength.
  • Ai Chi can help reduce muscle weakness, widespread pain as well as joint stiffness.
  • The warm water allows for slow, relaxed movement and increased blood flow to joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments.
  • It can also minimize problems associated with conditions such as polymyalgia rheumatica and rheumatoid arthritis.

In terms of mental health, Ai Chi can minimize problems such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chi (Qi, life energy) moves through your body, keeping you vital and healthy. Problems with the flow of chi are linked to disease, and TCM practitioners believe that restoring its proper flow will bring about good health.

Ai Chi along with acupuncture is believed to promote the circulation of chi.

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