Welcome to AQUA FOR BALANCE! Ancient cultures have long appreciated water for its ability to promote health. This website aim to give you the best possible information and help you acknowledge the healing power of water. AQUA FOR BALANCE brings you topics on aquatic rehabilitation & exercise, therapy & bodywork, fitness & diet. Our goal is to increase awareness through networking, education and treatments among water lovers and aquatic professionals around the world.

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You have a wonderful newsletter. Thanks for all your hard work!
I appreciate all you do to promote interest in Watsu®. I am writing on behalf of Harold Dull and WABA.
Pavana Dull, WABA
Congratulations for your work at aqua4balance.com, it’s beautiful with great content. I believe it is the best.
I just wanted to thank you for all you do. I love your posts and your AQUA4BALANCE page. Keep up all the beautiful sharing! Much love
Thank you for putting this beautiful site together.
I admire your activity and collection of wonderful pools in the world, which I liked very much… Aquatic Greetings, In the Flow
I really appreciate your work – it is amazing source of information for aquatic people.